5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Temporary Employees

By Melissa Coutts July 23, 2021 | Posted in Our Blog

By Melissa Coutts July 23, 2021

If your business has a particularly busy period coming up, a specific project to complete or need some cover or extra capacity, you might be better off hiring temporary employees rather than perm staff.

Read on to learn five reasons why…

Hiring Temp Staff Gives You Flexibility

One of the key benefits of hiring temporary staff is that it gives businesses real flexibility.

Naturally, it’s important that organisations have strategies and a talent pipeline in place to help manage the kind of staffing fluctuations which any workforce will experience, like promotions or departmental changes.


But there are times when the need for change is forced upon companies or comes out of the blue. For instance, if there was a sudden increase in business or a key employee was to depart unexpectedly. And when these situations occur, organisations need new people quickly.

Having access to and appointing quality temporary workers at short notice could be the solution.

A Wealth Of Expertise

Sometimes a scenario like one of the above can represent a great opportunity to bring in temp or contract staff with specialist expertise on a short-term basis.

For instance, you may need an expert to drive or project manage the roll-out of a new product or service; or even oversee the redevelopment of an asset like your company website or intranet.

Temporary Employees

Alternatively, you may need to bring in a group of experienced individuals that are happy to come in on a temporary or contract basis to help fulfill a year-long project.

A great benefit to temporary staff is that a manager who comes in to cover someone that’s gone on maternity leave, for example, could bring a fresh perspective and energy to a team that might potentially have been going stale.

Do We, Don’t We?

Using temporary staff or contractors with premium salary demands can seem like an expensive necessity in the short-term.

But the medium- to long- term benefits could be enormous – and bring about unexpected and very welcome cost efficiencies or positive organisational change.

There’s the potential, for instance, to pick up an absolute superstar from the contract or temp market who brings a tremendous amount to the table. More, perhaps, than the person that they’ve been brought into cover.

Although you’ll be contractually obliged to bring the absent person back into their role once they return from their period of leave, there’s an opportunity to tempt that high performing temp or contract worker into another role in the organisation on a permanent basis.

And so you could end up securing someone brilliant for the future of your business that you might not have been able to identify or acquire if they hadn’t initially come in as a temp or contractor.

On the flipside, if you feel that the temp you’ve brought in isn’t a high performer or a good fit for your business culture, at least you know that you won’t have to keep them on beyond the period of the agreed contract.

Motivated And Engaged Employees

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the majority of temp workers are happy to flit in and out of jobs.

On the contrary, many take temp roles in the hope of impressing an organisation so much that they’re persuaded to offer them permanent and secure employment.

Temporary Employment

These people will be enthusiastic and engaged – and potentially help re-energise flagging permanent team members.

Another great benefit of bringing in temporary workers is that the extra capacity will help take the stresses and strains off permanent staff by relieving them of extra workload, thereby allowing them to get on with what they’re best at.

This can be particularly beneficial to factory or fulfilment teams during busy seasons like Christmas or to hospitality businesses at the height of the summer holiday season.

Give Something New A Go

A change is as good as a holiday, or so the saying goes.

Sometimes you just need to try something a bit different – and bringing in a temporary specialist or a group of contractors can bring new life and effervescence to your organisation.

Companies that go on doing the same thing year-after-year tend to fall behind or decay, and so recruiting temporary or contract staff can help bring about positive change.

For instance, a temporary specialist could convince your company to try a new strategy. Or a team of temporary workers could bring you the capacity or capabilities to take your organisation in that new direction it’s been wanting to travel in for so long.

And this approach is likely to give your company more scope for experimentation because, if the initiative doesn’t work out in the way you wanted it to, you have the assurance that you haven’t committed to hiring a permanent member of staff or team outright. In other words, you have that get-out if you need it.

Matching Your Business With The Right Temp and Contract Staff

Ultimately, there are a multitude of reasons why hiring temporary workers can massively benefit your organisation.

But it’s also critically important that you get the right people for the right temporary roles.

Anticipating a busy period and feeling short-staffed? Need some reliable maternity or sickness cover?No problem!

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From maternity and sickness cover through to management of your flexible workforce (and everything in between), we’ll put round pegs in round holes, so that you have the staff you need to achieve your goals.

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