How Recruitrite Has Supported Clients And Candidates Throughout COVID-19

By Melissa Coutts April 01, 2021

By Melissa Coutts April 01, 2021

Aside from the very human tragedy and disruption to our everyday lives created by COVID-19, the pandemic has also heavily impacted businesses across the board.

The Crisis Has Disrupted Recruitment

It should come as no surprise that recruitment has been one of the most adversely affected by all sectors.

Lockdown and self-distancing measures – not to mention large parts of the economy grinding to a halt – have meant that many businesses have been forced to downsize or, sadly, shut altogether.

The country has witnessed layoffs and a significant – or total – reduction in working hours across industries like retail and hospitality. Many businesses have, understandably, put recruitment on ice until the crisis is over and decision-makers have a clearer idea of what lies ahead.

Recruitment Solutions During Pandemic

Recruitment is Increasing In Some Sectors But…

Some industries have still been recruiting, though. Massively so, in some cases.

Supermarkets have really bucked the trend by significantly ramping up recruitment, with roles from shop floor assistants through to warehouse workers and delivery drivers. Other sectors hiring during the crisis include technology, banking, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

But, even then, there are social distancing and sanitation challenges to contend with that have played havoc with typical recruitment processes.

Further, there are fewer candidates to put forward due to involuntary self-isolation or the fear of catching – or inadvertently spreading – the virus.

Necessity Is The Mother of All Invention

All sounds like doom and gloom, doesn’t it?

Well, actually, it isn’t. Far from it.

It’s been fantastic to see the way that businesses – such as those in the catering sector – have pivoted and innovated to not only transform their businesses but actually truly thrive during this crisis. Did you ever expect your local pubs or restaurants to suddenly be able to switch to a delivery model? So many have, and it’s been great to see.

And, without wanting to blow our own collective trumpet, the Recruitrite team has also adapted incredibly well to not only keep our business going but also support our clients and candidates throughout this crisis.

support Services

Supporting Temp Workers

While the government’s furlough scheme has created widespread relief among people on permanent contracts and – thankfully – enabled bigger employers to retain staff, the pandemic has been a worrying time for those in non-permanent and temporary roles.

At Recruitrite, we believe that communication is key, whether that’s keeping in touch with candidates we’ve placed in temporary roles to let them know what’s going on or putting candidates forward for new roles that employers might be recruiting for.

It’s something that people really appreciate. It’s the human touch. It’s what makes Recruitrite who and what we are. We don’t want to leave our candidates feeling isolated: whatever the circumstances, we want to reassure them that we’re here to support them.

Flexible and Responsive to Employer Needs

And we’ve really been there for employers looking for temporary staff, too, keeping them supplied with a steady flow of excellent candidates, so that these businesses can continue to perform at their best.

These are unpredictable times, so we’ve also been alive, alert, and flexible when it comes to organizations and their changing – potentially fluctuating – recruitment needs.

At one time, companies may need a great influx of temporary new staff; at another, they may need to reduce numbers.

We completely understand that and have been happy to help fulfill these requirements and expertly manage what can be a challenging process for all parties involved.

Responsive and Flexible

Strict social distancing rules have made it very difficult to interview in person as normal, while the HR departments we need to communicate with on a regular basis are operating remotely.

That’s meant that we’ve needed to collaborate and coordinate hiring programs without the benefit of being physically together as a team.

As a result, we’ve come up with new innovative processes that have delighted our clients with their efficiency and made the best use of video technology and other tools to interview or onboard candidates.

Some Innovative Approaches Might Be Here To Stay

During this period of great change and uncertainty, we’ve really strengthened our processes and aspects of our recruitment approach.

Using video technology to enable remote interviewing is something that we think will be here to stay, at least for initial interviews and telephone screening.

This has helped speed up the recruitment process – which is beneficial to employers and prospective candidates alike – and has increased conversion rates from application through to offer stage.

Historically, in a typical recruitment process, a recruitment agency would have to tie up diaries to meet the client face to face, and then there’d be a long list, a shortlist, and further diary coordination with candidates so that we could meet them face-to-face. I

It was all – unavoidably, it seemed then – very time-consuming and was likely to involve travel issues and logistical obstacles.

Now, though, due to necessity and what we’ve learned during this time of disruption, we can arrange a Zoom, Skype, Microsoft or another kind of video call with the client straight after getting the brief, interview candidates and get them to ‘meet’ the employer over video all in one day. It makes the whole process so much quicker and more efficient. A win-win for everyone.

We can certainly see this new approach continuing in the future, and think it will make things easier for everyone involved.

Right Darlington Recruitment Agency

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

OK, so let’s not pretend that it’s been easy for anyone involved with recruitment during the pandemic. It hasn’t. But that’s what we’re so proud of the way that we’ve adapted and innovated to support clients and candidates alike during the crisis.

Why Recruitrite Is The Right Darlington Recruitment Agency For You

At Recruitrite, we’re committed to supporting our candidates and clients, whatever the circumstances. We’re dedicated to the provision of quality service and the development of long-term relationships.

We’re about changing lives and companies. We only live once, so we’ve got to do it ‘rite’! Recruitrite delivers the right recruitment solutions at the rite time, changing individuals’ and company’s lives by enabling them to achieve their unique objectives.

Recruiting anyone is easy, but recruiting rite is a challenging feat. If you’d like to discover how Recruitrite could help you with your recruitment needs, please give us a call on 01325 734860 or email us at