How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

By Melissa Coutts March 11, 2021 | Posted in Our Blog

By Melissa Coutts March 11, 2021

Finding a job without any help can be a lonely and stressful business in what is an increasingly competitive job market.

But finding the right candidates for a vacancy can be incredibly difficult too, especially if the job requirements are quite specific or you’re hindered by geography in some way. How will you find just the right person in Darlington or the North East that’s exactly the right fit for a job that requires particular technical skills?

Recruitment agencies come in incredibly handy on both fronts.

Recruitment agencies can be of huge value in helping jobseekers find and secure the right role. Equally, recruitment agencies will be a huge support to companies trying to find the right people for the right roles in a timely manner.

Let’s delve deeper into how recruitment agencies work and why they are so important to employers and job hunters alike.

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What Even Is A Recruitment Agency?

In the very simplest terms, recruitment agencies match candidates to job vacancies, and work in partnership with employers to help fill their roles.

Recruitment consultants are responsible for:

  • Sourcing new job opportunities
  • Finding the right candidates on behalf of clients
  • Helping candidates optimise their CVs and prepare for interviews
  • Liaising and acting as a go-between between employers and candidates
  • Coordinating the interview process
  • In short, they make sure the whole jobseeking and recruitment process goes as smoothly as possible.

And, in Recruitrite’s case, we make sure that the right candidates are matched with the right companies and roles. We want smiling faces all round!

How do recruitment agencies work?

Recruitment agencies often work for companies on a retainer basis to help them fill vacancies.

To put it into context, a large Darlington logistics firm will have a number of ongoing recruitment needs, like finding people for factory vacancies of a temporary nature – especially during very busy times of the year, such as the lead-up to Christmas.

The logistics company will rely on a highly experienced local Darlington or North East recruitment agency like Recruitrite to source staffing on a regular basis and then manage HR aspects like holidays, sickness leave, timesheets and payroll.

The company is also likely to have more intermittent recruitment requirements, like finding specialist interim managers or permanent senior management executives. A new Financial Director, for instance.

Recruitment Agencies Work

How is that logistics firm going to find those people? They’re not going to just fall into their laps. Remember that each of these roles has very different requirements, and the logistics firm would – just as a starting point – need to have very extensive, segmented, far-reaching and up-to-date databases to draw potential candidates from.

The likelihood is that the logistics firm won’t have these.
And they know that, which is why they rely on a recruitment agency like Recruitrite to:

  • Match suitable candidates against their local, national or even international candidate databases
  • Advertise the role(s) job online to source applicants with the right skills and experience
  • Source suitable candidates based on their respective suitability and draw up a longlist to send through to the company for approval
  • Liaise with the company and candidates to set up initial interviews
  • Arrange 2nd and possibly even 3rd interviews
  • Be a highly go-between in the negotiating process, as the candidate and logistics firm try to meet in the middle on important terms like salary, starting date, holidays and benefits

Why Do Companies Use Recruitment Agencies?

There are any number of reasons why a company – such as the Darlington logistics company we’ve given as an example above or any other North East employer – might use a recruitment agency like Recruitrite.

The most obvious ones are:

  • To save time
  • To minimise costs

…while still getting the best recruitment results.

The recruitment process is quite a lengthy one. And one that can be thrown into disarray if you don’t have the experience to anticipate – and avoid – potential pitfalls. Employers with non-specialist recruitment expertise can find themselves pulled into resource-sapping and expensive difficulties if they’re not careful. Is it worth the risk?

Another less-cited reason for using a recruitment agency is that we can help you identify great candidates and filter out the not-so-suitable (or, frankly, completely unsuitable). Put your vacancy on a big job board by all means, but don’t blame us when you get a great virtual pile of, erm, ‘not great’ CVs to sift through.

A more obvious reason for using a recruitment agency is to take the pressure off your shoulders and give you the peace of mind of knowing that – with Recruitrite at least – you’re in the hands of recruitment experts with fantastic databases that are passionate about finding exactly the right candidate(s) for your role(s) at the right time.

Why Should Job Hunters Use A Recruitment Agency?

It’s very difficult indeed to stand out on the big job boards you see advertised on TV or the radio, even if your search is a very local one.

The likelihood of being contacted for a job you apply for on these massively over-saturated boards is diminishing by the day. And there are few things more disheartening than when your job application is ignored. All that time and effort wasted – not to mention what a blow it can be to your self-confidence during what is bound to be a pretty stressful go-it-alone job search anyway.

Recruitment Agency

Don’t do it to yourself!

If you’re looking for a job of any kind in the North East or further afield, we’ll:

  • Find roles to suit you that aren’t advertised on job boards
  • Put your CV right in front of employers
  • Support you throughout the process and make sure that you’re as well-prepared for an interview as you possibly can be
  • Help you negotiate the best terms and ultimately secure that new job!

Just send your CV over to with a bit of an introduction about you and the kind of role you’re after, and we’ll get you started on that journey to a great new job or career.

Getting Recruitment Right Every Time

We live, breathe and eat recruitment at Recruitrite.

If you’re an employer looking to fill a specific role, you can rest assured that we’ll find you exactly the right candidate – and do so in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Some of the UK’s biggest brands trust us with their recruitment, so why shouldn’t you?

And if you’re looking for a new job in Darlington or the North East, we’ll leave no stone unturned to find the right role for you.

Interested? Then give us a call on 01325 734860 or ping an email to You definitely won’t regret it!