How To Get A Job Using Social Media

By Melissa Coutts March 26, 2021 | Posted in Our Blog

By Melissa Coutts March 26, 2021

Social media plays a huge part in people connecting with one another socially.

But, despite what your dad might say, it’s really not all just people sharing pictures of their dinners or celebrities flaunting their wealth and bodies.

Social media also has a big part to play in our professional lives, too – including when it comes to trying to secure a new job.

Employers, for instance, are increasingly using what potential candidates do or say on social media as a differentiator when trying to separate the best from the rest.

Read on to learn how to use social media to give yourself a better chance of securing that job you want in Darlington, the North East, or beyond.

Get Your CV or Portfolio Out There

Your CV’s not going to do you much good just sitting on your desktop or in a folder.

And you’ve got another thing coming if you think the employer of your dreams is going to miraculously happen upon your CV on one of those big job boards.

No, you’ve got to use your initiative and really put yourself out there online.

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The first thing that comes to mind when exploring employment and career opportunities online is to up your LinkedIn game. The best ways to do that include:

  • polishing up your LinkedIn profile
  • becoming regularly active on the most professionally-focused of the social media networks
  • making worthwhile connections with potential employers or people that might help you attain the kind of carer you really aspire to
  • making yourself more visible by engaging in debates relating to the industry you want to be in

Another is to create an online portfolio.

There are plenty of free online platforms to use for this purpose.

For instance, if you’ve got mad video skillz, show off those talents by:

  • setting up a YouTube channel or TikTok account
  • fill them with the kind of content slick content that would impress potential employers
  • use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and so forth to promote your professional abilities to people beyond your network of family and friends

Or, if you’re an aspiring content marketer, use Contently to showcase campaigns you’ve been involved in (and, again, make sure you share links to this content via the usual social media platforms).

Of course, a more established and proven way of getting your CV or portfolio in front of the right people is to send them to a recruitment agency like Recruitrite and let them (us!) support you through a successful job search.

Mark That One ‘NSFW’

We’re not saying “Ooh, I wouldn’t share that on social media if I were you”.

What we are saying is use social media in whatever way you choose – but just remember that potential employers might be looking.

That’s not to say that you should delete that hilarious Facebook video of you and the girls falling into a bush after a bottomless brunch.

But how about changing the settings on your Facebook profile (if only during your job search) so that only friends and family can see your posts or things you’re tagged into. And, erm, yeah… don’t go sharing that video on LinkedIn!

The same goes for tidying up your Twitter content a bit.

Locking down your Twitter account will limit your ability to show off your sparkling wit to potential employers you want to impress. A better idea might be to delete that rant you went on about Steve Bruce or that overly heated argument you regret getting into about Adam from Love Island Australia.

Don’t Go Over-Sanitising Your Social Media Presence

Now, we might have advised you to edit your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles a bit… but don’t go too far!

Potential employers want to see your personality. They want to see your passion. They want to see that you can back up your claim that you have a ‘a great sense of humour’. But if you go over-sanitising your social media profiles and content, they won’t get to see any of that. They’ll just get to see heavily doctored social media content that makes you look a bit boring. And you’re not boring, are you? No, of course not. You’re amazing!

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So, sure, limit who can see the personal and perhaps more risqué stuff, but keep on being you on social media.

If you have to swear a little, then do that (hey, there are genuinely academic studies about why swearing in the workplace can be a positive thing) – but maybe tone down the aggro a bit!

Show Your Passion

There’s no substitute for passion when trying to impress potential employers.

So, if you’re looking to start a career in a certain industry, show how passion you are about it by using your social media presence to:

  • comment on the latest industry news
  • get involved in debates on hot topics and offer your opinions (without trashing other people’s or being disrespectful)
  • offer considered opinions based on robust research

That way, when potential employers check your social media accounts during the recruitment process, they’ll be able to see that you really are as passionate about your intended industry or profession as you’ve said you are in your CV or covering letter.

And that passion could be the telling difference that separates you from the other candidates vying for a competitive position.

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