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How do I contact a recruitment agency?

The best way to contact a recruitment agency is over the phone. It’s best to speak with
recruiters first, so that you will get an idea of the roles they work on and if they are the
right agency for you. If you feel that they can help you, then make an appointment to
speak with them face to face.

Will recruitment agencies survive?

Recruitment agencies will survive (I hope so, anyway!). The industry is forecast to grow
in the coming years but there will be a shift to focus on the quality and added value a
recruiter can bring to the table.

What is the difference between 360 and 180 recruitment?

The difference between 360 and 180 recruitment is that with 180 degree recruitment,
you will typically have one person that deals with the clients (companies) and another
person that deals with candidates (job seekers). A 360 recruiter will deal with the whole
process. Read more

Why are there so many recruitment companies out there?

There are so many recruitment companies out there because most recruitment
companies specialise in a particular skill set or industry type and many businesses now
use recruitment agencies to supply staff due to peaks and seasonal requirements.

Is there an alternative to recruitment agencies?

Some companies choose to do their own recruitment as an alternative to recruitment
agencies, which relies on applicants seeing the job posting and taking the time to apply.
Recruiters are more proactive and work hard to attract candidates that are not actively
looking for new positions.

Is there such a thing as an honest recruitment agency?

Yes! Of course there is such a thing as an honest recruitment agency.

Why do companies use recruitment agencies?

Companies use recruitment agencies to enable them to spend their time and energy
running their business on a day to day basis and feel confident that they have access to
the best candidates in the marketplace. Many times, the candidate that is successful
does not actually know they are looking for a new role until a recruiter gets in touch to
give them details of the position.

Can recruitment agencies tell your employer you are working with them?

Recruiters respect candidate confidentiality at all times, so they will not tell your
employer you are working with them.

Are recruitment agencies worth it?

Recruitment agencies are absolutely worth it (but I guess we would say that!). If you find
a good recruitment company that understands what you are looking for and will work
with you in an honest and open manner, then that’s a great start. We have clients that
we have worked with for many years and in a lot of cases the hiring managers are often
candidates that we had placed as temporary workers and have worked their way up. If
you as a hiring manager can invest a little time at the start of the process explaining the
job role as well as some information regarding the organisation’s culture and values this
makes the whole process more efficient and a good recruiter will present you with two
or three quality candidate profiles that can all technically do the job and then its for you
to meet with them and decide who you feel is the best fit for the position.