Recruitment strategies and trends to look out for in 2021

By Melissa Coutts January 20, 2021 | Posted in Our Blog

By Melissa Coutts January 20, 2021

It’s nigh-on impossible to talk about any business in 2021 without putting the ongoing coronavirus pandemic front-and-centre – whether that’s looking back on the lessons learned over the last year, or planning for what the year ahead (and beyond) will bring.

Pretty much every industry has been disrupted by COVID-19 – and none more so than recruitment.

So, what does 2021 hold for recruitment strategies and recruitment solutions?

Factoring home and remote into your recruitment strategies

Aside from the sad news of redundancies and big-name traditional businesses closing down, the biggest recruitment solutions trend we’ve seen during COVID is the mass adoption of remote or home working.

The best-prepared businesses (those that had been through or in the midst of their digital transformation) were ready for these new ways of working.

In the past year, remote working has shifted from being a necessary business continuity measure into something that employees and potential candidates expect almost as standard.

And this means that businesses looking to fill vacancies must absolutely factor home working into their recruitment strategies and their offering to potential candidates (and equip them with the technology and training to work in this way effectively).

Improving video interview technique

OK, so recruitment is a very human business – and nothing will quite match the experience of meeting a potential candidate or employer face-to-face.

But ‘needs must’, and businesses are in a position where they have no choice but to conduct interviews via Zoom, Skype or other video call technology.

Recruiters and HR teams have largely had to feel their way through the best approaches to video interviews, and there will be a push from employers to get this part of the recruitment process spot-on in 2021.

Recruitment Solutions

In addition to new technology adoption, conducting interviews remotely has forced recruiters to abandon some outdated methods of evaluating whether candidates are suitable for the role, such as skills tests where the candidate disappears into another room for half-an-hour to complete a standardised task.

Forward-thinking employers have been exploring new ways to improve their recruitment processes, like psychometric testing that reveals lots about how candidates are likely to behave in any given work scenario and if they will be a good cultural fit.

As a recruitment solutions agency that always likes to do things right, we want to ensure the best possible experience for clients and candidates alike. And that’s why we offer remote candidate screening and video interviewing support that helps speed up and improve the overall recruitment process.

We’d also be more than happy to share our top tips and advice on remote video interviewing with you.

Creating sustainable success by filling skills gaps

Leaders are always looking for ways to improve their organisations.

But the last year – and the unexpectedly heavy reliance upon digitally-driven ways of working – has caused them to reflect more seriously than ever on whether they have the right people with the right skills.

Considerations around company-wide capability and skills gaps are therefore going to account for a huge part of any thinking around recruitment strategies.

Taking stock of skills gaps across your organisation enables you to adopt a more focused and effective approach to the recruitment process; and zero in on the kind of people you need to hire to thrive in the future.

Don’t make the mistake of putting fast growth, short-term gain ahead of a forward-thinking approach to hiring that will drive you to sustainable success in the new business landscape.

As a truly all-round recruitment solutions provider, we’re here to help clients make the best hiring decisions. And a big part of this is ensuring our clients find the right people with the right skills – and the right personalities – for the job, whether that be in terms of permanent, temporary or contract employment opportunities.

Onboarding and ongoing support

It used to be that companies could expect new starters to just ‘hit the ground running’.

And, while there is still much to be said for candidates and new recruits that can quickly adapt and thrive in new environments, employers really do need to support them properly.

There has been a big shifting of focus away from ‘superstar employees’ to better collaboration between colleagues and teams in recent times. It’s unrealistic to expect new starters to just slot into the ways your teams work, which is why great onboarding and ongoing support have a big part to play in successful recruitment strategies.

Recruitment Strategies

No matter how talented or suitable you might think they might be, if you don’t provide your new people with the right onboarding experience and training, they will be unable to perform to their best.

And if your onboarding process is the same now – in these times of COVID and all that the pandemic brings with it – as it was in 2019, then you need to change it fast, because it’s unlikely to fit the bill.

A good starting point is to think about what your new starter experience feels and looks like. Is it overwhelming? Is it inclusive enough? Does your onboarding incorporate remote and home working best practices?

And how can you improve your onboarding process? Be sure to actually ask new and recent starters to share their experiences, and tap into valuable insights they can give you about what it really feels like to join your organisation.

Conclusion – adapting your recruitment strategies to the new normal

These are – and will continue to be – challenging times.

But they also represent a great opportunity for businesses to adapt, improve and prepare themselves for the future.

Your recruitment strategies – and recruitment solutions that agencies like ours provide – will play a big part in your success in 2021 and beyond. And we’ll be there to support you.

Why Recruitrite is the right recruitment solutions partner for you in 2021

Recruitrite provides Permanent Recruitment, Temporary Staffing, Contract & Interim and Executive Search recruitment services and solutions to businesses in Darlington, across the North East and beyond.

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Recruitrite Recruitment Solutions Partner

And we do that because matching candidates with the right businesses excites us and gets us leaping out of bed each morning. We only live once, so we’ve got to do it right!

Our talented team of recruitment consultants has extensive combined experience of working with a wide variety of businesses in the private, public and voluntary sectors, ranging from small start-ups to large corporates.

There are plenty of agencies that claim to provide an all-round offering to companies looking for permanent or temporary recruitment, or executive search. You can’t blame them for trying, but we’re actually the real deal.

And, although we are genuine all-rounders, we also have specialist and expert knowledge in the following verticals in particular:

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Last but not least, we’re genuinely friendly and approachable people that get a real kick out of helping candidates achieve their recruitment goals in 2021 and the future.

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