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How can I make the job stand out? What details do I need to include? Is there a way to compact all the information easily? And this short list only covers a few, right? We can only imagine. But, worry not, you don’t have to be a top tier writer to attract high calibre candidates – that’s where we come in and save the job

While candidates are faced with the challenge of writing a CV and preparing for an interview, recruiters have a different challenge entirely. It is their job to ensure they’re attracting the right prospective employees in the first place before they can even think about looking at CV’s or preparing interview questions.

A job opening getting lost in a mass of ads can happen. So, how exactly do you ensure that the “Apply Now” button is hit? The good news is that we’ve written plenty of job descriptions and we’re about to share all our useful tips and processes to help you.

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The Stats

There are approximately 20 million job advertisements out there, right now. Some will be great and others not. Your description needs to be nothing short of great. Whether you’re experienced or don’t know where to begin with job descriptions, the guide below lays every step out for you.

Let’s Break It Down: Your Job Description Checklist
Words go hand-in-hand with marketing. When creating a standout job description you’ll need to strike a balance between details and the right tone of voice. You should aim to include:

  • A clear role title
  • An attention-grabbing job summary
  • Job duties
  • Skills and qualifications
  • What sort of company they’ll be working for
  • Salary and benefits

The most sensible thing to do is break down the job description into parts and write each part separately. At the end of doing this, you can put the pieces together to create a description that flows well.

A Clear Job Title

Not to state the obvious here, but the job title needs to be specific. By choosing targeted job titles, you’ll have better odds of attracting quality candidates. Make sure to use key phrases that aren’t too wordy to describe the role, nobody wants confusion, especially when it comes to jobs.

Stick to the standard and recognisable experience levels such as “senior” in this section and don’t get too specific. Your job description will be more visible on google if you are direct with the job title.

A Comprehensive Job Summary

Write an opening sentence that is attention-grabbing while summarising what the job is about. A summary should include an overview of the company as well as the expectations of the position. It’s a good idea to keep this section to a maximum of 3 to 4 sentences.

Whether you’re looking for a Social Media Manager or a Warehouse Operator, be clear here.

Focus on the company’s brand and what makes it unique too, you could do this by using descriptive language to paint a picture of the office’s environment. The candidate reading the description should feel a connection to the role and excitement that pushes them to apply.

Include details about the company’s location. Miss this key bit of information out and you could end up finding the perfect candidate, then realising they’re unable to make the commute. By providing an exact job location, you’ll be optimising your post to ensure that it is relevant to search queries. A win-win!

Core Responsibilities and Duties

Focus on what the job entails in this section. In many ways this is the most important part of a job description, you need to list all the details here. Doing this without turning-off potential candidates can be easier said than done.

Underline the duties that are particular to your organisation by talking about the skills needed. List them in bullet form so they’re easy to understand, you may want to add further information too.

Use descriptive words that create the type of tone that your brand is all about without going OTT. The detail in this section should be written to really help candidates get a good grasp of whether they could see themselves in the role described.

Don’t forget to talk about how the role fits into the wider organisation and be clear on who the person in the role would report to.

Responsibilities Of Recruitment Agencies

Skills and Qualifications

Include a mixture of both hard and soft skills in the skills and qualifications section to ensure that suitable candidates apply for the role.

Be careful of the way you do this as it’s common to go overboard and potential good fits may decide not to apply. Technical or specialist (hard) skills for the role need to be listed clearly, and include general (soft) skills too, such as: communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

If you want to get specific, talk about what sort of personality traits the person in the role should have. This could be things such as being outgoing, organised, and resilient. Or, may be something as simple as having a positive attitude.

Keep this list short and sweet. It’s easy to go overboard as you’ll obviously want the candidates applying to pack a punch when it comes to their skills and qualifications.

State the level of education required for the role while being mindful of whether this is a requirement or desired.

Salary and Benefits

Candidates will want to know about how they’ll benefit from working with the company. The salary and benefits section of a job description is your chance to tell the reader how.

Be clear on the salary offered as most people want an idea of this right away. It also helps to avoid any confusion or questions further down the line at the interview stage.

Benefits may include things such as early finish Friday’s, social events, gym packages or bonus incentives. Again, in this part of the job description you can add flair by using the company’s brand in language and tone.

Salary And Benefits In Job Descriptions

Your Next Step

Refine your job description writing process using the steps above to cover all of the essentials, and keep in mind the marketing opportunity in your lap! Candidates need to feel compelled to apply to work for the company and want a good chunk of information without being overloaded.

By following the steps above and being mindful of what not to do, you have a fool-proof formula to writing a quality job description that is going to get candidates. So, sit back and tackle your job description with ease. The ‘right’ candidates are only a job description away.


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