Strategies For Attracting Top Talent

By Melissa Coutts May 14, 2021 | Posted in Our Blog

By Melissa Coutts May 14, 2021

As we head towards what is predicted to be the biggest UK economic boom since the late-1940s, many businesses will be positioning themselves for growth and looking to recruit top talent that will help them achieve their goals.

So, what does it take to attract and recruit the kind of talent that you’d love to have in your team?

Read on to find out…

Does Your Company Have A Great Employer Brand?

Of course people are motivated by good salaries. It would be silly to suggest otherwise.

But, whereas the majority were once solely focused on getting ‘jobs for life’ that would provide them with the material goods and security they aspired to (or that their parents and peer groups aspired to for them), today’s job candidates have other strong motivations too.

The most conspicuous of these is the importance of a great workplace culture.


Strategies For Attracting Top Talent

Is your organisation something that people love to be a part of? Do you have lots of happy and motivated employees at all levels?

If so, how are you telling the world about it? Does your brand and marketing reflect that your company is a great place to work? In short, do you have a good ‘Employer Brand’?

Your website, social media content, video and other marketing materials have to be ‘on point’ when it comes to showcasing what is such an important ‘selling point’ for your organisation and its recruitment strategy.

Is It Really A Great Place To Work, Though?

If your organisation really is a fantastic place to work, then great – shout it from the rooftops!

But if it’s not, that hollow crowing might come back to bite you in the backside in relation to recruitment.

Without naming any names, there are a whole host of high profile businesses that spend big bucks on advertising about how their people love working for them; when, actually, large swathes of employees have been very vocal about the opposite being true.

And, if top talent finds out – as they inevitably will – that the whole ‘great place to work’ thing is a façade, they will think twice about working for a company that’s tried to pull the wool over their eyes.

Maybe your organisation has some way to go before it could compete for honours in ‘The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For’ awards?

If so, then a sensible approach would be to:

  • Demonstrate the positive steps your company is taking towards creating a much better workplace culture
  • Share a timeline for your intended goals

Communications of this nature via your website and social media channels will show top talent how serious you are about shaping a great work environment that they can get excited about playing a future part in.


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Good Salaries And Benefits

It’s sort of the elephant in the room, but good salaries matter!

Are you paying as much as your competitors or similar-size organisations for the same job?

Do you have bonus schemes in places?

And do you reward good and loyal employees with regular pay rises rather than inflationary or insulting ones?

Do you offer real flexibility in terms of working from home or childcare? Are you serious about encouraging real work-life balance?

All of these are an absolute ‘must’ in this day and age.

But you can also differentiate yourself from your other employers and attract top talent on the strength of unique and attractive benefits. You never know, even if you might struggle to offer the same salaries as some of your competitors, you could nevertheless entice great recruits on the strength of your benefits package.

Learning & Development Opportunities

Top talent knows how important it is to be constantly learning new things and challenging outdated ideas. A rolling stone gathers no moss, as they say.

But does your organisation recognise how important it is to give staff the opportunities to learn new skills and work towards qualifications during work time?


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The most-forward thinking companies offer their employees a range of courses that they can work towards and get paid for during normal business hours – even if those skills or qualifications one day help people to switch companies or career paths.

Offering great learning and development opportunities will show the kind of talent that you’re trying to attract how willing you are to invest in their future.

Are You Running A Closed Shop?

Linked to learning and development, of course, is the potential for advancement and promotion in your company.

Highlighting how much you encourage ambition and can offer clear routes to the top are surefire ways of making your organisation more attractive to talented people.

But if your company gives off the impression that it’s a closed shop that only promotes from within once in a blue moon and is run by a board of directors full of old dudes in grey suits that have been there for yonks, then you’re going to really struggle to recruit the talent you want.

How Diverse Are You?

It’s almost a given that every forward-thinking UK company should reflect 21st century British society and its diversity and values.

We say ‘a given’ but there are still so many companies out there that give off the whiff of being very behind the times in terms of their approach to giving opportunities to people from all backgrounds.

A diverse workforce is more likely to understand your customers’ needs and come up with ideas to fulfill them.

Diversity in the workplace isn’t about being ‘woke’: it’s about:

  • Creating an inclusive environment
  • Accepting and embracing each others’ differences
  • Empowering everyone to reach their full potential
  • Generating fresh energy and ideas

and, as a result

  • Giving your business the best chance to reach its fullest potential.

Inspire People With Your Vision!

We could have led with this one to be honest, but it’s just as well to close on this vital means of attracting and recruiting top talent to your organisation…

For heaven’s sake, give them a vision that inspires them!

Whatever your company’s grand ambition is (whether that’s building new homes on Mars or providing the best car insurance deals), make sure it helps them dream about an exciting future for them, you and your customers. Give them something to really believe in.

This vision should come through in all your marketing materials, the way that potential new candidates interact with your company and the stories that they read online about how great your company is to work for.

You could offer the best salaries and best facilities in the world, but if you fail to inspire, you will fail to attract the right recruits.


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