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Busy period coming up? Need maternity or sickness cover ASAP?

We take the weight off employers’ shoulders and swiftly deliver the right staff for the right temporary roles.

But if your idea of recruiting temporary staff is just to find a vaguely suitable candidate in the hope that they’ll maybe do alright, then Recruitrite probably isn’t the recruitment agency for you.

At Recruitrite, we believe in finding the right candidate for the right company. We want what’s right for the candidate and the company we’re recruiting for. And you’ll be amazed at how fast we’re able to deliver the best temporary recruitment result for all parties concerned.

What is Temporary Recruitment?

Temporary work or temporary employment basically refers to somebody being recruited and employed for a finite amount of time based on a company’s needs.

For instance, a retail, leisure, logistics or fulfilment organisation might need to fill a raft of roles during a particularly busy time of year, such as the lead-up to Christmas.

Equally, though, a company may need to temporarily recruit a specialist to fill a role for a specific amount of time, like getting maternity cover in for a team management role or if they need somebody to lead a year-long project.

Temporary workers may also work full-time or part-time, depending on the company’s requirements.

You might also hear temporary employees referred to as interim, seasonal or contractual staff, or even as ‘temps’.

What Is Temporary Recruitment

How Do Companies Find Temporary Staff?

It’s unlikely that a company is going to have a real-time, up-to-date pool of temporary staff it can call upon when it needs staffing resource.

The nature of temporary recruitment means that temporary staff are likely to be otherwise engaged when companies want them, and that temps aren’t going to just rely on one company for employment opportunities.

That’s where recruitment agencies like Recruitrite come in.

Think of us as human resources brokers. Our excellent real-time database is a key asset that lets us keep tabs on our clients and temps at all times, and match them accordingly.

We’re always in the know, so can tell companies if and when we have suitable staff available (we definitely will!), and alert temporary workers on our books to opportunities when we get word that our clients are looking to recruit.

Our databases are also segmented by skill, experience and personality type to ensure that we match the right temporary candidates with the right companies.

So, whether you need a host of warehouse workers to help you fulfil big numbers of Christmas orders or a project manager to lead a complex year-long engineering project, we’ll be able to supply the right candidates. And we really do mean the right candidates!

What Are The Benefits Of Recruiting Temporary Staff?

Flexible Recruitment Solution

A flexible solution

A lot of companies would say that hiring temporary staff allows them to ‘fill the gaps’ in a flexible and easily manageable way.

Temps offer a flexible solution when a company needs to recruit a ‘stand-in’ for a permanent employee that’s going to be away on maternity leave, or if a key staff member is sick for an extended period of time.

Temporary Staff For Project

Project work

Projects – such as the creation of a new product that you want to take to market – will very likely require specific skillsets (such as project management) and additional resources to ensure that milestones and deadlines are hit.

It may not be possible to move existing temporary staff across to fulfill these needs, which is when it becomes necessary to bring in temporary staff with the requisite experience and capabilities.

This means that the project can move along smoothly, efficiently and successfully without having creating a knock-on effect on the rest of the organisation.

Cost Efficiencies Solutions

Cost efficiencies

Bringing a temp on board allows a company to keep a good grasp on costs and even pay easily manageable hourly rates, as opposed to a salary.

Also, the short-term nature of temporary contracts generally means that temp workers often don’t benefit from the costly additional perks and benefits enjoyed by permanent employees.

Permanent Recruitment

Reduce permanent staff workload

Companies that take on lots of new or unexpected work without adding resources can end up creating extra stress and pressure on permanent employees that already have busy roles. This can lead to a drop in morale that can permeate across an organisation. Not good.

One way to avoid this scenario is to bring in temporary staff to take on that new work, thereby allowing permanent staff to get on with their important day-to-day responsibilities.

Service Recruitment Model

Low risk way to find long-term talent

How often do you see or hear the words ‘There may be long-term opportunities’ when you see temporary roles advertised? A lot, we imagine.

That’s because hiring temporary staff can be a great way for companies to see talent in action and assess their long-term suitability in a cost-effective and risk-free manner. Why let a member of staff that’s clearly fitting in well and doing great things leave the organisation when their contract ends when you can find a permanent role for them?

Which Sectors Do We Recruit Temporary Staff For?

Our talented team of recruitment consultants has extensive combined experience of working with a wide variety of businesses in the private, public and voluntary sectors, ranging from small start-ups to large corporates.

We have specialist knowledge and expertise in recruiting temporary staff for the following verticals in particular:

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Contact Centres (agents and support staff)
  • Health and Care
  • Engineering

But try us with anything – we’re bound to be able to fulfill your temporary recruitment needs (so long as they’re reasonable!).

Temporary Staffing Services

Why Use Recruitrite For Temporary Staffing?

Let Recruitrite take the strain by smoothly and expertly managing your flexible workforce (and everything in between).

We’ll make sure to get the right people in the right roles to help you with business achieve your business objectives and continuity.

What you get:

  • Access to an extensive database of quality temporary staff
  • A fast and efficient turn-around from brief to appointment
  • The benefit of our full-service recruitment model
  • The ability to tailor the service to meet the your requirements
  • A cost effective and flexible recruitment solutions

“As Production Manager, I am delighted with the level of service received from Recruitrite. They have worked to develop a rapport with my team, ensuring the ready supply of good calibre people. They always deliver, no matter what the challenge. I am delighted to recommend them.” Production Manager, Manufacturing Business


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